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Aircraft Class distribution

Busiest City Pairs

Average Daily Movements
Jeju City (CJU/RKPC)231
Busan (PUS/RKPK)47
Tokyo Haneda (HND/RJTT)
Osaka (KIX/RJBB)
Shanghai (SHA/ZSSS)
Yeosu (RSU/RKJY)
Ulsan (USN/RKPU)
Taipei City (TSA/RCSS)
Gwangju (KWJ/RKJJ)
Sacheon (HIN/RKPS)

此功能仅适用于 Business 帐户。

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Note: Aircraft movement is the number of arrivals and departures of aircraft into and out of an airport.
Data compiled from 2024-03-17 to 2024-04-16 and generated at 2024-04-17 09:44 UTC (5小时前)

Historical Airport Movement Statistics Flight Activity by Year (7 day AVG)

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